Google Spreasheet plugin doesn't update sheets based on new data insertions

Hello everybody,

I’m using Grafana 8.5.14 with Ubuntu 20 and a Google Spreadsheet datasource plugin, and I need to consume a sheet which is updated regularly, with new data being added as new customers answer an online feedback form.

I’m using the datasource rather simply, configuring it to use JWT auth, and on the dashboard, just inserting my spreadsheet ID and selecting an entire worksheet as my range, and showing this on a Table panel. Easy stuff.

But I noticed that, when new data kicks in, my panel isn’t loading this new data. It should be, at least, being updated every 5m, as the Cache option on the datasource implies (I believe it means that every x minutes a new table is loaded from the sheet to the datasource cache, enabling the data not being queried as often).

I tried:

1 - creating a new panel;
2 - creating a new Dashboard;
3 - changing the cache options to lesser intervals, even 0 seconds;
4 - refreshing the dashboard manually instead of using common intervals.
5 - looking at Grafana logs;
6 - searching on the plugin documentation for any mention of this being intentional.

So far the ONLY thing that partially solved the issue was copying the entire sheet and pasting on a new one, and then using this new sheet as a datasource, but new increments still aren’t queried.

Another thing I’ve noticed is, deleted sheets STILL show up on my datasource sheet selector. I wonder if the cache isn’t working properly, or if this plugin is intended for stationary data, but the use case wouldn’t make sense.

Has anyone ever seen this occurring? I don’t want to outsource this data into another datasource, since my questionnaire forms work really well as they are.

Sadly I was terribly mistaken about the problem.

In the end, the timestamp wasn’t working properly at all.

For anyone who might happen into this post in the future, please check your timestamps for the MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss format, since Grafana sometimes doesnt understand other formats.

We can close this issue.