Beginner, pushing data to Grafana Cloud

I’m trying to use grafana cloud to visualize some CSV log files uploaded by variuos devices to our server. The server is behind a firewall not reachable by grafana cloud, is there a way to transfer these CSV file to grafana cloud?

Can someone tell me how to do this in an easy way?
I’m not familiar with data management, database or datasources … if someone can show me a step by step example going from CSV file to grafana dashboard it would be very appreciated.


There are csv plugins that reads from CSV files on the Grafana server.

As per the copy process there are several way, you can either use a cron with scp to copy files (you need to authorize the network flow in your firewall), or you can use rsync daemon to keep files ins sync across your source and Grafana server.

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

thanks for your answer. I don’t have ssh access to the grafana server, I’ve only registered the free account on grafana cloud. I don’t think I have write permissions to scp to the grafana cloud.

Documentation say I should install some sort of agent … they write about Promtail or Carbon-Relay-NG but I’d need an example.

thanks again