CSV as a data source

Hi there.

I’ve just discovered Grafana and am very excited to start using it.
I have looked through the existing posts to ensure I am not duplicating a question so as to not clog up the system with dumb questions. I am looking for some basic guidance on how I start.

In short, I have a client that uses a SAAS for their client data can only be accessed by logging in and manually extracting the data. I am working with the software house to get API access to it, but that’s a little way off yet. We can get that data out, but for Grafana to use it I would like to insert that (CSV) data into source that it recognises. I see there are 9 “native” ones and 50+ add-on options, but - oh - so many choices.
From my initial research I see that Grafana does not support CSV files natively, so I would need to insert that data into something else.

Now, I am a Filemaker developer so can semi-automate the input of this data into Filemaker Server but would need the ability for Grafana to then extract and chart that data afterwards.
Does anybody know a way that I can use Filemaker Server as a data source?
If Filemaker Server is not an option, can anybody suggest a supported data source backend that might be best suitable for importing the data into on a daily basis? We realise it will be manual, but will try to reduce the overall handling of it.

I was thinking of perhaps setting up a MySQL (or similar) database on one of my Linux boxes as an alternative.

Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

Hi dividebyzero,

Personally i prefer to SQL datasource because of its ability to agregate data.
for this purpuse you can use this app:

If you want to read csv files ‘directly’ you have several options (I know the first two coders):


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for responding. :slight_smile:

To get started, I will look at those first two options. I see I have to install them but that shouldn’t be too much problem. As I get it moving along, I will follow your advice and move to SQL - I’ll just need to be more comfortable with getting the data into that.

Many thanks for your help. This will keep me going.


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Good morning.

Opening up an old job with a related question…

If we assume that I have text file on the Grafana server - whether it be CSV, JSON or anything, what plugin can I use to access this flat file as a data source please? I cannot see how I can can access files locally on this device - as opposed to external.
(I would probably FTP the file onto the Grafana server.)

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for this information.
I am struggling to get the file to compile - reports all sorts of errors - but I will persevere.


I have never tried to compile it, sorry

No problem Daniel. I was just going by the instructions on the Github page to get it operational - which I assume is the only way for Grafana to be able to use it.

Don’t know if you are still interested in this, but I have an open source node project CSVServer to do exactly this - read a CSV file and serve it up to the SimpleJSON datsource (or the newer JSON datasource) for Grafana.

Takes something like this:

2020-04-03 10:00:00.000,90,73,37
2020-04-03 10:30:00.000,80,84,46
2020-04-03 11:00:00.000,70,80,55
2020-04-03 11:30:00.000,70,80,55
2020-04-03 12:00:00.000,60,65,44
2020-04-03 12:30:00.000,85,46,54
2020-04-03 13:00:00.000,74,67,63
2020-04-03 13:30:00.000,68,58,85
2020-04-03 14:00:00.000,71,79,65
2020-04-03 14:30:00.000,71,79,65

and turns it into this…

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Thanks Michael.

I’ll look at this too.