Bar Gauge show title for one-result but also for multiple results does not work

I am trying to use a Bar Gauge to show used disk space.
Now the problem is, that if there is only one result, the title is hidden. This can be changed by using ${} in the Display Name field. This then works correctly for one result. But then, when there are multiple results, each row then just shows Series (0) in the Bar Gauge.
What is the correct way to get the row title correct for one or multiple results?
I am using Prometheus/PromQL and Grafana 8.4.1 in Docker (Linux).

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do either of these issues describe your situation?

Thanks, yes they describe the issue. I see that something was merged to main but I guess not released yet (in 8.4.3). So I’ll wait until the next release.
Here’s an image of the issue of the same graph, once with just one bar and once with multiple. As you see, the label is only shown on the one with multiple bars.
2022-03-04 09_42_29-ESXi - Grafana

2022-03-04 09_42_55-ESXi - Grafana


I can confirm that this behaviour is still valid for v9.1.7 (0cbb79298d).