Single row label is not displaying in the Bar gauge visualization

I’m using Grafana version 10.0.2 on Windows 10 operating system.

I’m using the Bar gauge in my dashboard and for single row it’s not showing the labels. As you can see in the below screenshot for multiple rows it’s showing the left side labels but for single row it’s not showing that. I have attached the screenshots for multiple rows and single row.
Multiple rows

Single row

I want to show the label even for the single row as it’s showing only bar and from that it’s hard to say what it is all about.

I tried by adding the blank row to the SQL return statement so that it’ll at least show two row for single row return.

But, that is not working as expected. It’s showing black Bar Gauge at the end which is not the expected outcome

I want to show the labels even if there is single row in the Bar gauge.