Bar chart Show values: Always not displaying values over bars

Simple thing not working…
Bar chart setting: Show values: Always is not displaying the value at the top of the bars as it should. What am I missing?

If I change the timeframe of the display to some value less than one day, the values are displayed. Bug or user error?

Thank you!

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Same issue here.

I am experiencing the same issue. When attempting to retrieve data from the past 2 to 3 days or the last 7 days, the numbers are displayed on the bars. However, when trying to retrieve data from the past year or month, the numbers are not displayed. It’s possible that the issue arises when there is a larger volume of data, preventing the numbers from being displayed.

What version of grafana?


Does this happen in v9.x?

same issue here using Grafana 8.4.3

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It’s rather a workaround than a solution, but try to play around with the “Text size” parameter, it solved the issue for me. Size 12 is only an example, this size works fine for me, but you may want another one.