Bar gauge for last 30 days not showing date and certain specific value

I created a bar gauge that shows the power generated per day for the last 31 days and it looks (now) like this:

The first bar in the graph is empty and has no value above it but the csv that contains the data does have a value for that date:


I am pretty sure it has something to do with my graph settings but changed a lot of things with any result. The things I tried:

  • Changing query options, Relatieve time, time shift and Max datapoints
  • Limit under display

The query I use for this:

The 2nd thing you might have noticed from the first screenshot is that the under each bar it says “value”. I’d like to get the date there. I tried using $tag_day under “alias by”, changing the Display name (by using cell 0 but then the date’s are in epoch) in combination with Overrides setting to a time/date format.

I have a similar graph showing the last 10 months poduction per month. Here I used $tag_month and this did work (although it would be nice to just have month names instead of a csv filename).

Can someone help me with these issues?