Bar Chart wrong value showing


Found a small bug on the value at the tip of the bar, when I change the time range the value doesn’t update

It’s not really an issue for me I just hid the value and people can read of the scale.The left Pie chart is the same data for reference and the bar is correct just showing 3 instead of 120 after time range increase

Do you think you could reproduce this bug with mocked up data? Def seems like a bug but it would be awesome to have steps for reproduction, and your data seems sensitive…

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Yeah sure, not really sensitive but just don’t want it public!

I’m just after getting a plot is not defined error while trying to replicate

I’ve copied the query to B with some changes in Panel options and A is no changes to options just sql into the query and set to Table and Bar Chart

And if I change the time range, or the TopX it will fail like below

Just a note the SQL for the Bar Chart and Pie Chart on left are the same

       CASE WHEN [FailReason] IS NULL THEN 'Blank' 
            ELSE [FailReason] 
            END AS 'FailReason'
      ,COUNT(PKID)  as 'Failed Tests' 
  FROM           [tbl_Tests]
  WHERE          [TestStatus]      NOT IN    ( 'Pass' )
  AND            [testExecutedAt]  BETWEEN   $__timeFrom() AND  $__timeTo()
  AND            [TestStationID]   IN        ( $Station )
  GROUP BY       [FailReason]

And the Unique fails is just a distinct count of Serial number of production parts through tester

But the point I’m getting at is the Bar Chart seems to be the problem but with a reload of the page or going into view or edit, it resets until it errors again

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Hi @mattabrams,

This was solved with update to 8.1.5
( Was on 8.1.4 with the error message and 8.1.2 at the start of thread )

Issue closed on Github
Bar graph does not display correct numerical value · Issue #38410 · grafana/grafana · GitHub


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