Grafana Bar-Chart Panel does not refresh shown values

I am using Grafana for viewing data that i read directly from a MySQL DB. I have two panels using the new beta bar-chart. The problem i have is the following:

When i choose a new intervall in the right top corner (e.g. from 7 days to 30 days) the new correct values are loaded and the length of the bars is refreshed. However, the values next to the bars dont refresh automatically. Only when clicking on the right bottom corner legend the values next to the bars are updated:

Here is the data with intervall 7 days

After choosing 30 days the data is loaded correctly and the bars are shown correctly, but the values are still the old ones, unless i click the yellow legend “Bestellungen”.

You can actually see it from the axis, that the right values are there but not shown correctly.

Is there a way of fixing?

Kind regards

Hi @alexwirthaau

You might want to report this as a bug in the repo if the behavior is still present. Sounds like a bug