Azure Monitor and Alerting

Hi Guys, is there any update on when alerting options will be available for Azure Monitor?

Not in the near future (1-4 months). Alerting is only available for core plugins right now. The reason for this is that alerting has to be run on the backend and we do not yet have a plugin system for running plugins on the Grafana backend. It is however on our roadmap and once backend plugin support is ready then we could add alerting support for the Azure Monitor plugin.

It is possible we could make the Azure Monitor plugin into a core plugin (included with Grafana) but we want to see how adoption goes before we make that decision.

Any update on when the alerting will be available? Please kindly advise. Thanks.

It is on our roadmap now to move Azure Monitor into core Grafana in the next 2-4 months (if we reimplement some of the code in Go when we move it will automatically have support for alerting) .

It looks like the next step for Azure Monitor will be to add support for logs (which will be soon) and then sometime after that we would look to add alerting for the Azure Monitor part.

I’m also not sure if we will implement alerting for Application Insights part of the datasource. This is because it looks like the App Insights API will probably be moved into Azure Monitor sometime in the next year.


Azure Monitor 0.2 is released, but there is no alert yet. I am wondering when alert will be available. Please kindly advise. Thanks.

We decided to focus on adding support for Azure Log Analytics instead. The plugin will be moved into Grafana for the next major release (Grafana 6.0) in January/February.