Alerts not working with Azure Monitor

Since 14th of December my alerts configured for the Azure Monitor data source are not working.
My last alert that was triggered correctly was 12th of December and at that time I was using Grafana Cloud v8.2.7. On the 14th of December I received this notification for all alert rules that I had configured with the Azure Monitor data source:
Error message
request handler error: plugin unavailable

Metric name Value

I had the Azure Monitor v 0.3.1 plugin downloaded from at the time, instead of using the version 0.3.0 that Grafana cloud provided directly.

Currently if I try to edit a panel I see this information on the developer console:

instrument.js:109 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)
at e.getAppInsightsAutoInterval (query_ctrl.ts:298:7)
at fn (eval at compile (angular.js:16548:14), :4:188)
at angular.js:17559:31
at l.$digest (angular.js:19261:33)
at angular.js:19562:26
at ei.e.completeTask (angular.js:21403:7)
at angular.js:6879:19
at r (helpers.js:72:23)

[Util] handleError:: ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded

All my panels were configured as Graph (Old) type.
Now I see this message on the Alert section of the panel:

But even if I press Migrate and it turns my panel in to a Time series panel, I still see that the data source does not support alerts?
How can I fix this problem?

Do I need to be using the version 0.3.0 of Azure Monitor?