Which version support Azure Log Analytics alerting?

Hi community,

Please, can you help me with support problem? I have opensource Grafana v6.2.2. I am using datasource for Azure Monitor and it works fine. I used a query with “service” Azure Log Analytics. I have a problem with creating alert for this query (Log Analytics). It showing me an alert after push the trigger “Test Rule”: error:“tsdb.HandleRequest() error Alerting not supported for Azure Log Analytics”

Can I ask you, which Grafana version support alerting for query (KQL) Azure Log Analytics? Is this suported in another version or not? I have seen that version from 6.5 supported “Azure support for Azure Aplication Insights”. Is this for me the right function (Azure Log Analytics query alerting) or I will need a newer version, btw. 7.1?

Thank you.

Please, anybody knows?