An option to add a manually some values in Dashboard

Hey, everyone!

Is there any option to add a template or additional empty field where a dashboard user could enter some values for furhter calculation?

For example, i have a 2 colums - country and cpm for this country - and i would like to be able enter an impressions for each country mannualy and then do the third field calculation - revenue (cpm * impressions)

Is that possible? If not, probably there is any option that you guys could advise for me
~ the grafana team

@wilhed Welcome to the Grafana forum.

There are excellent 3rd party plugins that support entering values via the Grafana interface.

How many choices of “Impressions” would there be? 10? 100? 1000? If it’s not huge, you could create a variable in Grafana and use that in your calculation.

A many thanks for your advises!

You mentioned that i could solve my problem through a creating variable. I assume, i could add a text box variable and then enter a value in there for each country separatly.

Could you please give me a tip, how could I to multiply my cpm-value on the value from text box variable? I guees, it shoud be look something like that, but idk

	sum(revenue)/(sum(impressions)/1000) cpm,
AND network_spot_id > 0
$conditionalTest(AND country in (${country_filter:singlequote}), $country_filter)
$conditionalTest(AND format IN (${format_filter:singlequote}), $format_filter)

Eventully, i am askig about a highlighted string (cpm*$Impressions) - it does not work (I guess it is pretty stupid question :slight_smile: , but i am new one in Grafana)

Fym: $Impressions - it is my text box variable