Grafana Reporting - Additional Features?


I have just played around a bit with Grafana Reports, which I think is a very cool feature.
Does anybody know, if there are any plans to make Reports more configurable?

My biggest problem is the following:
Currently I can only select a dashboard, but there is no way to specify values for template variables. Without doing this, I can not really create reports for dashboards that use template variables (I could clone the dashboard many times and set the template variable to a certain value for every clone, but I don’t think that method scales well).

Further customizing the email would also be nice I think (e.g. custom headers, preview of the report in the email).


You can enter data in template variables. I don’t understand where ambiguity is. Could you please elaborate it?

When creating a Report in Grafana, I can only specify a dashboard but not set any template variables for that dashboard.

Let’s say I have a dashboard with a template variable named “country”, that can either be “US” or “AU”. All panels in that dashboard use that template variable. I now want to create two Grafana reports:

  • one that contains the dashboard when “country”=“US”
  • one that contains the dashboard when “country”=“AU”

As far as I know I can not do this, maybe I am missing something?

You may not create 2 dashboards,
but you can create a new row, add all panels to that row, now give the repeat options to that row with country.

If you select 3 countries, all the panels will repeat 3 times, with title as country name.

Hope it resolves your issue partially.