Amazon Managed Grafana

Hi, I am new to Grafana and I have started with AWS Managed Grafana (v8.0). My questions are: Can I manage multiple data sources in different AWS accounts from a single Grafana, or do I need a Grafana for each account? If possible, how do I link the dashboards to each data source to make my alerts independent?

Thank you very much.

@mdonaire you should be able to add multiple copies of any datasource that is allowed within AMG. So you could create 7 distinct Prometheus datasources, or multiple copies of the AWS Cloudwatch Datasource

I’m assuming you will be able to do this in AMG. If not, report back with details :+1:

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Thanks for your reply @mattabrams! Then, how can I link my dashboards to each data source? I have to create alerts for each datasource/dashboard and the have to work simultaneously. All the dashboard should be managed from one Grafana…

Yes. I would suggest you explore our sandbox,, and then view our docs on adding a datasource.

If you are asking how to view multiple datasources dynamically using one dashboard, you can create multiple queries–one for each resource. You can also use template variables like this