Creating multiple data sources using 1 stack in Grafana Cloud Managed Service

Disclaimer: Not a programmer here.

We are using the managed service for Grafana Cloud to connect various compute engine instances in GCP to Grafana. It seems to be a single stack in Grafana cloud could only have 1 data source. Is adding a new stack is the only way to create a new data source or is there any other way?

Hi @kalai2 - You should be able to connect as many datasources as you need within 1 stack. A few questions to make sure you’re headed down the right path:

  1. What datasource(s) are you looking to connect from GCP? (Prometheus? Loki? MySQL? etc)
  2. Or are you sending Prometheus Metrics or Logs to Grafana Cloud?

For 1: Here you can simply log into your Grafana Cloud instance ( → Connections → Datasources → ‘Add New Datasource’. This will then allow you to configure as many unique datasources you need

For 2: This depends on your use case. We recommend shipping your data to your single stack. However, if you have a use case where you prefer to separate Dev/Test/Prod then it’s an option to add additional stacks (on our Pro tier) to enable this. I’ll provide more context once you’re able to follow up.

Hey @daviddorman,

Thank you for replying.

We are sending prometheus metrics from different GCP compute instances and right now we are able to do so within 1 stack. We are wondering if it’s possible to configure our current setup for each compute instance to be a datasource instead as this will give us more flexibility.

For additional context:

  1. We are using this guide for our installation.
  2. In Grafana when we open the datasource that is currently linked to our stack, it shows that it is a “Provisioned data source. This data source was added by config and cannot be modified using the UI. Please contact your server admin to update this data source.”

Thanks for that information. Generally speaking, this sounds like a common use case where you are looking to observe multiple instances and ship that data to Grafana Cloud. The recommended path would be to use the Linux Integration ({name} → Connections → Linux Integration). This will have you install the Grafana Agent on each instance you’re looking to observe and a unique label per instance will appear in the prometheus metric name.

By using this integration, you’ll see a series of out of the box dashboards right away where you can filter based on each of your instances.

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