Multiple AWS Regions Talking to One HA Grafana Stack

Totally new here.

Been looking at Grafana and there is a lot to like (and learn).

I understand that CloudWatch Metrics can be used to pull in metrics from various regions. I am using some of the existing CloudWatch plugins in github and they are working great. I like the regional selectors in the dashboard.

I am using collectd on the client and would like to hear how folks are moving metrics effectively from region to region.

Also - I am interested in the number of instances and metrics folks have pushed towards a grafana cluster. Any issues with influxd?

In general, my requirements are: a lot of instances, over multiple AWS regions, accounts, customers and would like to get this to a single pane of glass.

Also wondering if one grafana instance can be a datasource for another?

See Using dataproxy for access to datasource