Grafana AWS Cross Region Data Source


I have Grafana running on an EC2 instance in eu-west-1. I can grab CloudWatch metrics from this region no problem, however I am unable to configure the data source with the eu-west-2 region. Is it possible to configure this cross region or do I have to deploy a Grafana instance per region ?


Datasource has only a default region configuration. You can specify region on the query level explicitly => you don’t need to deploy Grafana per region.

Thanks for replying! I tried this and i get this error back;

“metric request error: "RequestError: send request failed\ncaused by: Post \"\\\”: dial tcp i/o timeout""

Not sure if its something in the configuration the server I have missed or if it is my network

That looks like your network issue. Make sure your Grafana has network connectivity to that endpoint.