CloudWatch Cross-account Cross-Region Dashboard

I have 4 AWS accounts (DTAP) and I want to be able to create one dashboard in Grafana with the cost per service (for all accounts).

So far I can easily create one dashboard in Dev with the costs for all services (using this dashboard:

I also enabled cross account cross region in AWS ( which works nice (in AWS CloudWatch).

Now the problem which I am having is that I can’t specify an account selector in this Grafana dashboad 139, or modify the query in such way that I can get metric from different account than Dev:

REMOVE_EMPTY(SEARCH('Namespace="AWS/Billing" MetricName="EstimatedCharges"', 'Average', 3600))

Does anyone has any idea how to get this or which fields are the ones for account select in AWS? I need a programatic way of running “View data for” from the picture below and graph it in Grafana:

Also, I want to avoid creating multiple data sources for each account (due to other limitations)

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Hi zatarra,

I have the same problem, did you find a solution?


Hello. I could not find an open issue in the GH repo, has anyone found a solution to this ?