Issue with Grafana reading Billing metrics from CloudWatch

Hi, I am unable to get Aws/billing data in Grafana.

I integrated my AWS Cloudwatch with Grafana. I am getting metrics from other services perfectly like Lambda, EC2, EBS, FSx…etc but not getting aws billing data.

Also, I have tried to switch regions to the region where I have deployed my servers as well as us-east-1 but still, I get no data from AWS/Billing.

The Grafana access role has CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess and Billing ReadOnlyAccess.

Any ideas on how I can get around this issue?

@jangaraj How do I do that? I have data in my billing dashboard on AWS.

No billing dashboard, CloudWatch console. You must have billing metrics there in the same way as you have for example EC2 CPU usage metric.

Link to check that billing metrics are available in the CloudWatch (CloudWatch is not Billing dashboard or Cost explorer)

There must be billing metrics, e.g.:

If they are no billing metrics, then Grafana doesn’t have data to visualize => that’s not Grafana issue, but your AWS config issue.

Thank you so much @jangaraj I will definitely try this out and let you know.

Thank you so much @jangaraj I found the issue. I was not sending the billing metrics to CloudWatch, which is why there was no data to visualize. Now, the issue is resolved and I can see my billing data in Grafana.

Hi @robertmyles38 can you please tell how you got the billing metrics in the grafana dashboard , am not getting the billing metrics , but am getting rest of the metrics .

Hello @rchinnadurai please check to make sure that in your aws account the Cloudwatch is collecting billing metrics. In other words, enable billing metrics to be sent to CloudWatch.