I cannot access AWS/billing data in grafana

i cannot access aws/billing data in grafana. other service data i can access. only billing data it not showing.

guys help.

You have to prove that you have billing metrics in the Cloudwatch in AWS CloudWatch console.

billing metrics not in cloudwatch console. @jangaraj can tell me how to create billing metric so i get daily cost, monthly cost

You don’t have billing metric, so Grafana doesn’t show that metric. It’s correct behaviour and it’s not a Grafana issue.

It is your AWS config issue, so contact your AWS support. This forum is for Grafana, not AWS. I guess you need to enable billing alerts - AWS option Billing > Billing Preferences > Receive Billing Alerts

@linuxnoob did you get around this issue? I am having a problem getting the AWS/Billing data in grafana yet I can see all other data from EC2, EBS, and the like. My account surely has billing data but I cannot see it in grafana. I am using CloudWatch as my data source.

@robertmyles38 you checking billing data inside cloudwatch metrics? or in cost explorer just asking…

I think I’m checking the billing data inside the CloudWatch metrics because I have set this as the data. source in Grafana. Is there something I am doing wrong here? @linuxnoob

@linuxnoob I found the solution here

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