All Grafana Dashboards Not Found in 9.4.3

Hi Grafana Team,
I have the same issue with Grafana 9.4.3 OSS. Grafana dashboards are missing after sometime in 9.1.4 - #2 by kassbinder

I have a APP based on Grafana docker image hosting on AWS.
Also use dashboard.josn files for provisioning all the dashboards.

After I migrate Grafana from v7.5.17 to 9.4.3 , I have this all dashboards not found issue…
To be more detailed, this issue occurs sometimes after I redeploy Grafana on AWS,
the redeploy meaning an install that re-pull the Grafana docker image and run the docker image in containers to deploy the change I made for dashboard.json files I manage in my code repo.
Sometimes, after an install, all the dashboards will missing right after the install or after several hours or days.
Since I’ve never met this issue before with Grafana v7 or earlier versions, I’m wondering is this an known issue for Grafana V9.

Please let me know if you need any further information, thanks.

To be more specific, I used an yaml file like this to config the provisioned dashboard,
And I tried to set the disableDeltion to true from false, but the dashboard missing issue still happen.
All the dashboards will displayed as No results found.

And I also query the Grafana database with SELECT * FROM public.dashboard_provisioning,
and found there no records when the dashboards gone.