Grafana dashboards are missing after sometime in 9.1.4

Using Grafana 9.1.4.
All are dashboards(~110 dashboards) are deployed to the Grafana 9.1.4 version and they are available.

After sometime some are the dashboards are missing. Can someone assist on why they are getting disappeared?

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Hi Grafana Team,
I have the same issue with Grafana 9.4.3 OSS.
I have a APP based on Grafana docker image hosting on AWS.
Also use dashboard.josn files for provisioning all the dashboards.

After I migrate Grafana from v7.5.17 to 9.4.3 , I have this all dashboards not found issue…
To be more detailed, this issue occur sometimes after I redeploy Grafana on AWS,
all the dashboards will missing right after the install or after several hours or days.

Any update?

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