Upgrade help from v4.1.2 to 5.1.3

Hi there,

I run grafana in a custom build docker container running Debian Jessie. I add in the dashboard json files to /var/lib/grafana/dashboards/ and then use one-shots with supervisord to create users and such. Hence, there is no database persistence and everything is configured with each deployment of the container.

Upon upgrading the container image a major version of Grafana, I find that my dashboards no longer appear. They exist in the directory I specified, but they no longer show up in the Grafana GUI. I do not see them mentioned in the log, either. I read the release notes from the previous version all the way up to latest, and found no breaking changes related. Indeed, in the upgrading guide on the wiki, it states that my dashboards should be rewritten and functional, unless I am misunderstanding what a major version is?

Am I missing some steps here?

Configuration files: https://hastebin.com/savevocohi.cs

I realised this likely has to do with the deprecation of [dashboard.json] after walking away and looking at the configuration files again.

I’m going to try to convert it over to the new dashboard provisioning introduced in 5.0. That should work.


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Yep, that did it, as well as setting the config parameter specifying the provisioning path.