Debugging dashboard provisioning


I’m trying to configure the dashboard configuration with the Grafana docker container, and the dashboard is not appearing in the app. This is the only related log entry I see:

lvl=info msg="Config overridden from command line" logger=settings arg="default.paths.provisioning=/etc/grafana/provisioning"
lvl=info msg="Path Provisioning" logger=settings path=/etc/grafana/provisioning

How do I go about debugging this?

Please change the log level to debug, see documentation, and see if you see something more in the server log.


Thanks @mefraimsson. I enabled debug logging and got some more information like this line:

lvl=dbug msg="saving new dashboard" logger=provisioning.dashboard type=file name=ft-tenant file=/etc/grafana/provisioning/dashboards/ft-tenant/ft-use-metrics.json

Which looks like it correctly picked up my dashboard, yet I don’t see that dashboard in the UI. Any specific log messages I should be greping for?

Could this be due to an incompatibility in dashboard json format between v4 and v5?

My datasources are being provisioned correctly out of /etc/grafana/provisioning/datasources

Try to use the dashboards.json feature does not seem to work either:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -e "GF_DASHBOARDS.JSON_ENABLED=true" -e "GF_DASHBOARDS.JSON_PATH=/etc/grafana/dashboards"

try save your v4 dashboard on grafana v5 before using it in provisioning. Does that make any difference? Please note that you cannot use an exported dashboard json model, i.e. if you export json by dashboard -> share -> view json/save json.


Ok, I don’t understand that. How do I get the json config then?

Either settings -> view json or a GET of the dashboard via http api. Thing with exported json (that I talked about in last post) is that it can only be imported thru the import page ui and/or published on

Ok, thanks. I’ll make sure I have the right json.

@mefraimsson is there a way to provision a dashboard for all orgs without having to specify each one?

No, not at the moment. You need to add an entry for each org.

@mefraimsson one more question: is there a config option to set the directory where the provisioning configs are located or is it stuck in /etc/grafana/provisioning?

Guess you referring to the following configuration parameter.