Using dashboard provisioning and getting error "Invalid alert data. Cannot save dashboard"

i’m using grafana 5.1.3 from the official docker image, and trying to add my 100% working dashboards from grafana 4.2.0.
grafana loads up , and when trying to load the json files, sends this error massage:

t=2018-05-23T15:20:02+0000 lvl=eror msg="failed to save dashboard" logger=provisioning.dashboard type=file name=default error="Invalid alert data. Cannot save dashboard"

i was very exited with the new provisioning feature, any idea what am i doing wrong ?


@mefraimsson Same error, quick help required. I have provisioned few dashboards but only one dashboard is loaded. Also provisioned datasource name “Prometheus Data” but in log error says “can not find datasource $DS_PROMETHEUS_DATA”, Datasource is loaded in grafana but dashboards are not able to find it, How to write proper datasource.yml so that datasource name specified in exported dashboards are referenced properly.

Solved. I just exported dashboard json without enabling option “Export for sharing externally” which was causing $PROMETHEUS_DATA not found error. Now dashboards are loaded without any error.