How to fix `Error updating options: Datasource named ${DS_PROMETHEUS} was not found` in provisioned dashboard?


I am installing Grafana using the official Helm chart. I want to be able to provision dashboards and I am using the “sidecar for dashboards” method. I created a configmap containing a copy/paste of the JSON representation of the MySQL overview dashboard.

I can the see the dashboard in Grafana, but it’s not working and the Grafana UI throws a couple of errors:

Failed to upgrade legacy queries Datasource named ${DS_PROMETHEUS} was not found


Error updating options: Datasource named ${DS_PROMETHEUS} was not found

I am quite new to Grafana and I haven’t been able to find the documentation describing such a situation.

I would be grateful if somebody could point me to the relevant documentation, and/or how to work around this problem.

Thanks a lot for any help!

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Look here: Support dashboard variables in dashboard provisioning · Issue #10786 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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