Grafana provisionning error templating

Hello, i am actually use grafana version 10.0.2 with prometheus versions prometheus latest version v2.48

i am currently install both of them with podman inside a containers. I’m trying to provisionning my datasource prometheus and all my exported dashboard from another Grafana instance. in my dashboars i use variables , so when i use provisionning for my dashboard i got errors:

  1. i got Bad Gateway when i want to add new connections from menu is maybe caused because i am in offline environnement.

2 . Second error

i got error templating due to variable DS_Prometheus not found i changed all the DS_PROMETHEUS by the id of my dashboard Prometheus then i got this error


dashboard conf files

apiVersion: 1

  • name: dashboards
    type: file
    editable: true
    updateIntervalSeconds: 30
    path: /etc/grafana/provisioning/dashboards/
    foldersFromFilesStructure: true

datasources conf files

apiVersion: 1

  • name: ‘Prometheus’
  • name: Prometheus
    type: prometheus
    access: proxy
    url: http://url:9090
    basicAuth: false
    readOnly: false
    isDefault: true