Add radar graph in grafana dashboaerd

I am using v9.3.2 and my operating system is 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

How i make radar graph using CSV data.

I am addded radar graph plugin in my dashboard.

I have no idea how to add data , and what type of data format i pass in query to create radar graph.

Thank you

Welcome @anand17

Could you please provide your csv data?

like following

name, max
Sales, 6500 

Hello @yosiasz ,

Im sharing you the screenshort where im using csv content and that radar is not working. So im confused Is I missed something. If you have any csv content that I can use it directly so I get some reference from it how we have to provide input to show the radar.

I would use the more robust apache echart plugin instead of that radar plugin

in the editor section use the following js code.

let values; => {
  values = s.fields.find((f) => === 'value').values.buffer;

return {
  title: {
    text: 'Anand Kumar'
  legend: {
    data: ['Anand Custom Values', 'Actual Spending']
  radar: {
    // shape: 'circle',
    indicator: [
      { name: 'a', max: 30 },
      { name: 'b', max: 150 },
      { name: 'c', max: 45 },
      { name: 'd', max: 123 },
      { name: 'e', max: 100 }
  series: [
      name: 'Budget vs spending',
      type: 'radar',
      data: [
          value: values,
          name: 'Anand Custom Values'

but if you want to use that plugin it requires a time field

a,10,2023-07-13 10:00:00

Hello @yosiasz
Thankyou for your solution.
Here my screenshot using radar graph plugin.

Hi @yosiasz

how i change the echart background and line color as you provide in your solution above.

Check it out here