Support for radar-like plots


Hi! I’m willing to generate radar-like plots such as this one:

I’ve used the graph plugin using the X-Axis as series and it’s pretty much what I need. But it would really nice if the information could be shown as a radar.

Is this possible? I’m using Grafana 4.5.2




This already exists I think:

It is not published yet (which is my fault - have a backlog of plugins to review) but should be soon.


Hey! Thank you very much for this!

I’ll give it a try!




HI @daniellee… so I’ve tried your plugin. It’s very very nice … thank you …

Now, I have a couple of questions. I know you’ve explained that you’ve tested it out with ElasticSearch as data-source (I’m using influxdb).

Let me show you an example: I’m trying to measure the number of messages (LSA) per OSPF Area. To do this, I’ve constructed the following query …


… and obtained this plot, which is fine and consistent with other plots that I’ve made for the same KPI; so far, so good…


Now, as far as I can understand, the plugin is using time (EPOCH) as the axis for the radar. What I’d like to achieve is that the ‘tags’ of the influx measurement to be these axis (in my case: ‘’, ‘’, ‘’). So, if that could be possible, instead of an ‘hexagon’, I would have a ‘triangle’, being each corner of it, each tag of the influx measurement.

Do you think that is possible to achieve with influxdb?




It’s not my plugin :slight_smile: I work on the Grafana team and it is my job to review and publish plugins. I haven’t had a chance to review this one yet. I will be reviewing it in the next couple of days and I can test it out with InfluxDB then.

In the meantime, you could create an issue in the GitHub repo for the plugin and the plugin author might be able to help you.


Will do! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi @daniellee!

The plugin has been upgraded several times now, and it’s working very nice (at least in my case).

This is the URL:

Will it be imported officially into Grafana? That would be very nice …




I will have another look at it.


The Radar panel plugin is now published:

and added to the plugin repo:



We are using opentsdb as data source, can i use this radar graph? if yes how to use, can you please explain?