Creating the dashboard

Hey guys,

Im new into the grafana dashboard and i wanted to display temperature and humidity for my workplace.The data is saved in a .csv-file, which was imported to grafana via the csv plugin. Now I have no clue what to do next. I tried to create a dashboard, which only says ‘Data is missing a number field’. Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

Thanks in advance

We might be able to work out what you did wrong if you tell us what you did :slight_smile:


  1. Show us a sample (just a few lines) of your data

  2. Show us the query you are using in the dashboard

Any other information you can think of which would help us to understand your
setup would be useful.


So, thanks for the fast reply. In case of the information, I didnt really have more information. I just want to display the data from a csv-file into a dashboard. The csv file is on a fileserver. I hope the screenshots are useful.

For all I know, csv file should use " , " for separate column.
But this file use " ; "

I think you should check csv file. Or try to use other csv file.