Zoom in Geomap(lat and lon)

I use the geo map panel
Is it possible to change the lat and lon
by variable
That is, for example, I am on the African region
And when I click on the variable “AA” and choose for example America
The map will stand on America and not on Africa
I tried in many ways but without success - my goal is to have a close zoom in the map according to the points - but when I choose fit data the map is in a far zoom - so I thought of this idea
If someone has another idea - it would be welcome

I would try out the dynamic text plugin with leaflet for zooming.
Also remember Africa is a continent so it spans a lot of lon, lats so you wont get it perfectly unless maybe you use center of continent with a special zoom setting. Unless you are using regional lon,lat for some specific area of a continent.

Check this out


@yosiasz , @shoolamitmints , @mikhailvolkov
Indeed, now I see a map with the correct zoom that depends on my points, I liked it, the logic is beautiful, but now I have a problem with points.
How do I create them? I tried with L.heatLayer and the points were indeed created but not as beautiful as the points built in geomap in heatmap.
Is there a way to use Grafana’s built-in hotspots?

@gitigershtenkoren Please post a new thread about your specific question otherwise it muddies original post by @shoolamitmints which is soecific to zooming

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