Geomap "automatic zoom"

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding the optimization of my querys for the geomap panel.

  • First of all i am running a grafana cloud instance (version 8.5.2.) on my linux machine.
  • I got a geomap panel which is visualizing my sensordata across the world (Each plant has a unique set of sensors). To get a better overview, i tried to set the Map view to:
Geomap --> Map view --> Intial view --> View --> Fit data layers
                                    --> Zoom --> 18
  • Initialy i thought that if i change my variable which represents my plants, that it will automatically zoom to that location after i linked that variable in my flux syntax.
  • But the problem which i have now is, that if i change my plant via the variable it wont change the geomap location, but if i only inspect the geomap panel it will switch to the location in the editor.
  • Is there a way to have this switch which occurs in my editor also on my normal dashboard automatically that normal viewers wont have to zoom out and re zoom in ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: Greetings Grafu

With Geomap, you need to change the settings, Apply them, save the dashboard and then reload the dashboard.

By you just changing the variables you are not initiating a reload of the panel, but when you are inspecting the panel you are initiating a reload.

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Thank you very much for the explanation johans :slight_smile: