Are the maps and panels interactive?

Hello. I’m trying to show the locations and data of sensors in a wide area, and I want to show it in a way that the data on the panel changes when I click on the marker displayed on the map.

Currently, we are changing the panel data using radio buttons. Are there any plugins that can interact with the map?

So you want to trigger an onClick() event? And what happens when you do that on the map?

I am using the Orchestra Cities plugin. I don’t know how to do a direct onclick() event on the map. So, by assigning variables, I use radio buttons to express the data of the map location where it is displayed on the map and the data in the panel next to the map.

neither geomap nor orcchestra have onclick events that I am aware of. but you might want to look at leaflet via dynamic text

mapgl plugin has an iconbutton in the tooltip for assigning ‘target’ variable (as a location name)

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