Zabbix SNMP Values from Alias to set in Graphs

Hello All -

I’m looking for a clear answer on Zabbix Plugin function of replacealias, setalias, setaliasbyregex - my issue is setting the actual Alias Value $item.value (returned via snmp from Zabbix host), not the $ i.e I have template value alias which returns VLAN#, I can use that to grab the Up/Down of traffic to graph fine. Is there a way to use that variable to pull the actual value to use to set alias when labeling the graph? Essentially want the function to be setAlias(Download traffic $alias.value) to set the label in the graph table. I know you can get values into Table Panel, so is there a way to reference panels via template variable? Or maybe I just need a regex that handles what I’m looking for and I’m making it too complicated? Or maybe use the template variable to query Zabbix DB directly? From my screen shots I’d like the ‘Value’ column in Table panel to be the Label in the Graph Panel Table to the corresponding VLAN - without having to setAlias(manually) for every graph - which in the end is hundreds.

Thanks in advance,