Zabbix item value


Completed the installation of the version before graphan 7.0.3.
I noticed that the new version includes the ability to create Variables> Zabbix - itemValues.
I created a data item for custom PCs, in which I get the values ​​of who works for the PC at the current time.

I’m creating a new dashboard in grafana,
where with the help of Variables - Zabbix - itemValues ​​and Variables Zabbix - host, I want to make a comparison which user logged on to the PC.
When I select a user from the list (itemValues), I don’t get a match for which PC he logged in to.

Are there any ideas on how to implement the functionality with the binding of the output of the data element value, and select based on the received values?
Data Sources / Zabbix

Looking forward to your response.