New Zabbix Item not showing in new dashboard


I have setup a zabbix Item that interrogates a log and shows results. I have specified a new ‘application’ within the zabbix Item. Data are being correctly shown in ‘Latest data’ within the Zabbix GUI. I then created a new dashboard within Grafana and added a new query using the zabbix datasource. In the new query I could see the new application but nothing is showing in Item.

Grafana connects to zabbix with an LDAP account. I have logged into zabbix as the grafana user and confirmed I can view ‘latest data’ for the Item in question. I have ensured that read permissions are set for the group that the grafana user belongs to.

Anyone have any suggestions?




This was my mistake!

In using data received from logs you have to specify ‘Text’ as the query Mode and Time series in ‘Format as’.
You can then select the Item. Use a table as visualization and all works.



I might have the same issue.

I’m already using Zabbix to show a bunch of perfcounters and service info for these devices.

I’m now trying to show device serial numbers in Grafana.

Zabbix already collected the serial numbers; they show in the devices’ details. To do that, I created an Item called ‘Serial Number’ with key:
wmi.get[“root\cimv2”,“SELECT serialnumber FROM Win32_BIOS”]

It’s type ‘Zabbix agent’ with ‘text’ type of information. Application: Inventory

In Grafana, selecting ‘Inventory’ shows no items. I’ve already restarted both Zabbix and Grafana services, and it’s been a few hours since the serial numbers were collected.

The group I’m selecting in Grafana has the serial numbers populated for its devices in Zabbix.

I just understood what you meant; all good. Screenshot attached.