The Zabbix Item don't show value in visualization

I have a view that retrieves hosts’ uptime. This information is okay in Zabbix, but in Grafana, I see “no data”, even though Grafana can display other items of hosts. Can anyone tell me why it shows me some items but not others? How can I resolve this?

hello @benthuds
How is the item returned in Zabbix and how are you creating a query in Grafana?

Hello @bernardolankheet

Folow attached two screenshots of the query and the Zabbix values. If you need more information, let me know.


Try to create a clean panel, without a query option, in your impression, you used “Minimum interval 30m”, maybe that’s it.

Try using the table viewer option, this helps to see if Grafana is reading the data

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Ok @bernardolankheet !

When I changed the interval, the data showed up. I realized that the retention period for this item is shorter than what I need (a month). I modified the item in Zabbix just now. I believe this can solve my problem.
Do you know a way to create a dashboard with a visualization using a fixed interval? This way, I could have the visualization of uptime with a fixed interval and other visualizations with an interval set by the dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below.

I believe that “relative time” can help you.

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