How to create a graph with negative value from zabbix source

Hi everyone,

I just want to know how to create a graph like this one with negative value isntead of having all value stack and unreadable

Please note that I use zabbix source.

Thank you so much for your help and have a nice day

Anyone? Please, I want to have a better graph isntead of every values stack :stuck_out_tongue:

In the Display tab of the panel editor, you can add a “Transform > Negative Y” override on series based on their alias or a regex (like /.* in$/)

It was already like that, but everything was display on the “positive” side.

Any idea for this thing?

Thanks for your reply

Hi @maxlehot1234,

The current “alias or regex” does not match any of the series on the graph. If you use the alias, then it must match the entire name of the series, including the variable Max and Avg at the end.

Try with the following regexes and don’t forget to include the forward slashes “/”.

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WOW thank you so much :wink:

Never think to do that :wink: