New Time Series panel - negative Y axis?

Hi folks,

toying with the new panel I got after updating to Grafana 7.4. In the “old” Graph panel I could easily define a negative Y axis for a certain field even for positive values. Great to draw two complementary measurements for a single “thing” like disk read/write, network in/out …

That setting was available when you click on the little colour label in the legend. I cannot find anything similar for the new beta panel. Of course I could abuse math() and multiply by -1, but that’s not optimal.

Can I do this with the Time Series panel, already?


Hi @pmhausen,

I wasn’t able to find the setting in the legend label (which version of Grafana are you running?). But we did have this functionality for the Graph panel as part of the series overrides.

You are right this is not part of the new Time Series panel as we decided to go in a different direction and not make it graph specific. You can make use of the regular transformations, create a new field via the calculate transformation (binary operation), and hide the original one.

Yes, my bad. Of course it is in series overrides.

I went from 7.3.something to 7.4 - that’s why I’m playing with the new beta panel.

I guess I understood the approach. Will give it a try … :slight_smile: