Zabbix Grafana Plugin Table Merge Rows


my Setup is rather simple, I’m using a default Zabbix installation that is getting some Metrics about a NAS. I also have setup Grafana with the Zabbix Plugin.

All I want to do now is have a table with the left most column beeing the Disk Name/Index like Disk 1
then in the same row have diffrent metrics for that disk. Like Temprature, Status on Model number.

It seems that Grafana can merge Rows somehow, but I can’t seem to get it to work properly with my Setup. The first problem is that I can’t even select Table as the Table Transform, when I try it just resets to something else rather quickly.

Some (Well One since as a new user I’m only allowed to pics in one post) screenshoots of my setup:

Excel Mockup of how I want it to look:
Is what I want to do possible, if so how?

Version: v6.2.5 (commit: 6082d19)

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hi * I have the same problem. What is your new progress?

I have the same question, my versions are zabbix 5.4.3 grafana 8.1.3 en zabbix plugin 4.2.4.