Zabbix Integration with Grafana - Doubt table

Good afternoon guys.

I work with Zabbix version 4.1 and I already have an integration with grafana. After updating grafana to version 8.1, I noticed that some tables stopped working.

I have as an example the following case below.

Host XPTO was created in zabbix, and its respective Items, in the previous version of grafana the table view is working correctly, taking the data from the Items, today when I fill in the Group, Host, Application and Item information, grafana only takes these four information and display in table form, not the result of the Item where is the information I really need.

The way I found this problem was to transform the visualization into text return and its format as a table, and thus return me as a table, however I can’t use a Thresholds in this form. And another problem, even I order the select that will pass via zabbix to grafana, the order of the columns is not respected, grafana puts everything in alphabetical order.

Does anyone have the same problem or can you help me get the zabbix item and display it in the grafana table view correctly.