Wrong summarize

Good afternoon!
Prompt please in what there can be a problem.

alias(summarize(sumSeries(statsite.counts.services..bad.count), ‘$Interval’, ‘sum’, false), ‘bad’)
.good.count), ‘$Interval’, ‘sum’, false), ‘good’)

When you choose the $Interval “1d” and specify the period “Yesterday”, values:
bad -> 16088,
good -> 17527

When choose last 30 days and $Interval “1d”, values the previous day:
bad -> 111,
good -> 110.

How to sum up the values correctly?


Last 30 days

And yet why the period of summation is put “From 03:00” to “03:00”. How to make that was “From 00:00:00, TO 23:59:59” per summarize day.