Sum_of_time series in in time window - All events between 10am and 5pm added together

Currnetly have time series data in prometheus as source for graphana

want to have a dashboard with a table showing the sum of a time series for a time grouping

Ie Cell one

| Morning | Midday | Evening |

| 00:00 – 9:99 | 10:00 – 17:00 | 17:00 – 12:99 |

Basically sum this range of values

Does that sort of make sense hoping this isn’t something i have missed when reviewing the manuals and forums, if it is please feel free to point me in direction and ill re read.




You can only group data by constant hours from the current time of the day which means that it’s probably hard to achieve what your looking for.

Best possible solution I could think of is to have morning, midday and evening as labels when prometheus collects your metrics.