Writeback functionality in Grafana

I am trying to achieve writeback functionality in Grafana for InfluxDB datasource.
Writeback is where we can either Create or Update or Delete data in data and the changes reflect in the database.
Can anyone please help.
Thanks in advance.


Maybe look at the data manipulation apache chart plugin for grafana

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@mittamanjusha There is an InfluxDB API example in the documentation

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I use InfluxDB, and Grafana too data manipulation plugin was a very useful tool @mikhailvolkov example was based on my small contribution, so if you get stuck somewhere feel free to ask me directly :wink:


Hi @mikhailvolkov
Thanks for the solution. I could achieve the results. Just have another quick question. So basically I have added elements with the text area.

So my question is I have to add about 10 new rows, should I be typing all the information 10 times or is there any way we can add the 10 rows at one go.

You can add and update elements dynamically using JavaScript Code:

Hi @mikhailvolkov , @yosiasz

I have been using Data Manipulation Panel for the writeback and it works perfectly fine.
Now the question is, can we do writeback in Grafana without REST API?
If yes, could you please provide the solution

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@mittamanjusha Data Source support is coming in the upcoming v3.1.

We just released v3 with refactoring internals and will work on the supporting Data Source next.


Is there any chance to use Data Manipulation panel without using REST API part?

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I believe I responded already about the Data Source support: