Writeback in Grafana using Python

Hi there

Previously I have posted a query regarding writeback functionality in Grafana, fortunately I could find the solution with the help of forum. Thanks to you guys.
Now I came up with another topic, I would like to do the writeback using Python code instead of node.js

Is there a solution to this
Thanks in advance.

hello @mittamanjusha

Could you please expound on what you mean by write back using python code? write from grafana to xyz using python?

Can you show us what you did previously with node.js

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Hi Yosiasz
Writeback in Grafana using Data Manipulation panel using node.js
i.e Create or Update or Delete data in Grafana and reflect them in the selected respective database. I have worked on Grafana to Postgres database. I wanted to check if we can do the same process of writing back from Grafana to Postgres using Python code instead of node.js

I think the same Data Manipulation panel can be used. Sounds like a question for @mikhailvolkov

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@mittamanjusha API endpoints can be created using any language.

We are updating documentation to add new API Server implementations submitted by the community. Recently we added InfluxDB API, MySQL, Node-RED (work in progress).

If you can create a Python code, you are welcome to send it to me to include in the documentation.