Write Data from Grafana to influxDB

I’m trying to insert a data point to influxDB using the Text plugin, so when I add the javascript part to import the influxDB library, the dashboard is blocked directly and I have to refresh the page again without a result.
Basically, I want to have a button, when I clicke a point will be written into influxDB database.

I have the same question. Is there any solution. Maby some plugin?

Does somebody know the way to POST (write) data from Grafana to InfluxDB through a textbox?

@prashantjain you can use the control button plugin to write a POST request.

But the problem is handling CORS for influx Cloud v2.0. If sombody could help!

Hi @habhutto2015, have you managed to handle CORS for influx Cloud v2.0, if so please could you explain what your solution was.

@eckaard Actually it worked when I switched off security settings of the browser. You can try this first to make sure everything else works fine. Then nginix might be tried to make the communication server to server. I have not tried ot yet but I read about it somewhere.
Please let me know if you have found any solution to it.