Working with parallel database servers in grafana


I have 2 database servers which are synced , If one among these fails I want to get data from other server. Is it possible to configure like this in grafana.
Even if i use mixed data source I am getting union, but i want distinct data only.

what database are you using?

Thanks for the reply.
I am using PostgreSQL.

how do you find out that it failes?

I will be getting live data for every 1 minute. If the latest data is not in the past 5 minutes, then it means that server fails, or if the server system fails, i will get some error .

and how does grafana know?

The query results an error something like:
Database not found

can you repair that your database is found? at first

Yes, There might be some network issue

is it now resolved ?

My question is that,

In real time scenario , I will have 2 servers to which data will be posted parallelly, if the master server got crashed or some network issue, I want my grafana panels to take data from the other server, so that users don’t know that there is server issue

you could add values from two sources with same color and when one is missing it wont be noticed

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