Grafana Multiple server merging

I got to grafana servers first one is monitoring kubernetes installed on the master the second is on a separate Vm both are pinging !
I need to merge both of them in order to access them with the same URL
I tried to added kubernetes prometheus ( my first Grafana server) as a data source on the second one but i got an ‘’ error gateway’’ !
some help please !

This is way too little information to help you. As I read it you have two different servers. So first explain why that is the case. You can easily log data from many different sources to the same server.
If you really need two different instances but one FQDN to access them, I’d suggest setting up a reverse proxy.

Documentation can be found here and is pretty straightforward. At least I did it :wink:

i set to grafana servers the first is running as a container to monitor all kubernetes pods and nods !
the second one is running on a VM (not container) older he is monitoring all my others VM and Hyper-v
that’s why i want to merge both of them

If you really want to merge them, then point all the devices that point to server A to log their data to server B instead. Then recreate the appropriate dashboards. It’s more a matter of the time series database you use than of Grafana.

Or as suggested if you want to keep them separate but access them under one URL, use a reverse proxy.

It would be so hard reset all my servers to set on server B !
i’am already using to types of time series data base on the server B
on the Main first server i’am using Prometheus and influx
on the second (kubernetes) prometheus !
so i tried to point the first one on the prometheus of second one (as data source)

Perfectly possible. Add a second data source, case closed :wink:

Make sure, your Prometheus is reachable from outside the machine or container it is running in. If it is running in the same context as the Grafana instance that currently uses it, it might well only listen on …

I don’t have any experience with Prometheus, possibly you will need some credentials to log on from that other Grafana … stuff like that. It all depends on your network topology and the individual setup of the software. I already wrote in that other thread you are a little sparse on the details … :wink: