MSSQL; Working with data from AGs where only one source is readable

Grafana version: Grafana v5.4.0


Currently trying to figure out a way to do the following:
Using MSSQL as a datasource we have two different sources, DB01 and DB02. The primary server is the one that is readable and the secondary is not. When a failover occours then the servers switch roles and no data is being returned from the secondary due to it is non-readable, only the primary is.

I tried using the “Mixed” datasource and adding both datasources (DB01 and DB02) and was thinking of hiding the value that is null i.e. the secondary but as long as one of the datasources (ex. DB02 which is the secondary for the moment) gives an error then nothing is displayed in the graph, not even for the query that goes against the primary and actually do return data.

Is there a way around this instead of hardcoding the datasource so you need different graphs (one per DB-server)?

Thanks in advance for your help!